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It is a difficult task to select a portfolio that represent me as a photographer. In doing so, I intend to give you some more information about my way of seeing and feeling photography.

Katy Gómez Catalina

All photographic genres are appealing to me but travel photography is my essence, the tool I have to connect to the world in a better and more intense way, my never-ending source of happy moments. The camera has become my inseparable travel companion and with it, I am telling the story of my trips in the same way that a writer would do it with his diary

Being vigilant and alert, how to sharpen my senses, paying close attention to the small things and more importantly, savouring the journey and the harmony between looking and sensing is something that Photography has taught me All this looks like a love declaration, right? The truth is that it is…

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TRAVEL Photographer of the Year

Spain National Award, 2018

Shortlist Open Culture


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