Katy Gómez Catalina

She was born in Úbeda (Jaén) and is a Doctor in Veterinary Medicine and vocational photographer.

Her work is based in photographic essay and it shows a personal perspective, her interpretation of the reality that captures her interest. Traveling is the common theme in her work. The camera has become an inseparable companion, helping her to narrate her travels, as a writer would do with his travel diary. She is deeply seduced by the human element.

“It gives me joy to reveal fragments of daily life and enjoy the harmony between what you see and what you feel. My photographs are not intended to be a documentary report of the places I visit. It is something more modest than that, I photograph what catches my attention, what attracts me, what surprises me. I do that from a personal and free perspective. I do not take photographs for others, but for myself, for the pure pleasure of photographing. On top of that, my satisfaction grows if I also manage to provoke a feeling or emotion in the public who views them. It is hugely gratifying that people who are thousands of kilometres away, with a different mother tongue or who come from a different cultural background, can look at your photos and read your thoughts, your feelings, your intuitions, your impressions of the world. It is as if an emotional connection has been established. ”

She is a member of the Photographic Association of Úbeda AFU and the Córdoba Photographic Association AFOCO. She is member of the Andalusian Federation of Photography (FAF) and the Spanish Confederation of Photography (CEF) that have distinguished her as Excellence CEF and FAF artist. She has acted as a jury member for CEF in numerous national and international competitions. She has also been a speaker at festivals and photography congresses. She teaches at courses, workshops and portfolio viewing.

Her photographic work has been recognised in a series of national and international contests, such as:

  • Travel photographer of the year TPOTY 2017, 2018 and overall winner of the year 2019, London,
  • National Award in the Sony World Photography Award 2018,
  • Finalist Alpha Female Awards in Sony World Photography Award, 2020
  • Tokyo International Photo Award TIFA, 2019
  • Le prix de la Photographie in Paris, PX3, 2018, 2019
  • Silver medal MIFA (Moscow International Photo Award), 2020 and honorific mention 2019.
  • Finalist Siena International Photography Awards, 2019 y 2017
  • Honorable mention in The international Photography Awards, IPA 2020
  • Nominated to the Spanish photography award of the Confederación Española de la Fotografía, 2018
  • Hadam Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award, HIPA, 2019, 2018 Dubai,
  • Fundación ASISA, 2018, 2016, 2015 and 2013
  • Special Award in the 11th International Humanitarian Photography Competition Luis Valtueña, Médicos del mundo, 2008
  • First Prize Tomás Camarillo Contest of the Diputación de Guadalajara, 2019
  • PhotoEspaña, 2012
  • Slovenian Photography Association NARAVA, 2019
  • First Prize Clics de Extremadura, 2010 and Extremadura Prize 2008 and 2006
  • Finalist in the Ibero-American documentary photography contest, 2017 and 2015
  • Caminos de hierro. Runner-up 2009 and 2016. Finalist 2011, 2012, 2018 and 2020
  • Second prize and Mágina prize in the Certamen Cerdá and Rico, 2009 and 2010
  • Third prize “Los excluidos” from Caja Rural de Jaén, 2014
  • First prize El ojo de Antequera (Antequera theme), 2017 and finalist in 2019 and 2015
  • Finalist Alliance Francaise, 2012
  • Second Prize Abeja de Oro contest in Guadalajara, 2021
  • Helie memorial finalist, 2018
  • Works acquired by the Ministry of Agriculture, Diputación de Jaén, Junta de Andalucia…


She has carried out photographic projects in more than 60 countries and her work has been exhibited in Paris, Visa off Perpignan, Teheran, Xposure United Arab Emirates, Berlin, Somerset House in London, Agra, Colombia and very widely in Spain.

She has exhibited her work individually in:

  • Centro de Arte del Paisaje Contemporáneo, Priego de Córdoba, 2020
  • Festimatge Calella 2019
  • University of Jaén 2019
  • Igualada Fest 2019
  • Galeria Ignacio Barceló Afoco. Córdoba, 2019
  • International University of Andalucía. Campus Antonio Machado. Baeza, 2019
  • Museo Barjola Gijón, 2018
  • Agrupación Fotográfica y Cinematográfica de Navarra, 2017
  • Colectivo aula 7 . Málaga, 2017
  • Sala AFA.  Antequera, 2017
  • Iglesia San José.  Puerto Real, 2016
  • 1st Biennale of photography. Úbeda, 2016
  • 15th Biennale of Photography. Córdoba, 2016
  • Art Galery Mari Nieves Martín. Villafranca de los Barros, 2015


Her work has been published in The Sun, Cultura inquieta, The Sunday Time, Dailymail, Huffpost, CNN travel, DPreview, l’oeil de la photographie, Xataka, Photolari, El mundo, El país, Superfoto Digital, La Vanguardia, ABC, Diario Veterinario, News AFOCO, AFU digital, Revista Forbes, GEO France, Revista viajeros de Barceló, National Geographic


She is the author of photography books :

Ellas, Elles, They…, ISBN 978-84-9159-196-2. Published by the University of Jaén, 2019.

Iceland between fire and ice, ISBN 978-0-36-839747-9. Published by Editorial Blurb, 2019.

12 horas en el Louvre, ISBN 9781367268593. Editorial Blurb, 2016.


If you want to contact me you can do it through this form or write me at katy.gmz@gmail.com

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