In Benin, just where the Monkey River flows into the rough Atlantic Ocean, lies the skeleton of what was a flirty hotel.

The local people, whose lives are impregnated by the Voodoo, believe that the union of the white with the African, unleashed the wrath of the deities and black magic took over the place.
Now it lies as an abstract picture of shapes, textures and colors, turned into warm cultivation of millions of microscopic beings that endow their inert structure with a rare beauty.

Magia Negra

Conversan los peldaños con el hueco
que deja sin cristal tanta ventana,
sin puerta el vientecillo del placer,
sin baranda la furia del Atlántico.
Tan solo sobrevive la humedad
moteando los muros del silencio
y una magia maldita
en el paso del aire.

Texto de Salvador García Ramírez