Few words exert such an immediate fear on us as the word voodoo does. For white men, voodoo is associated with black magic and dolls pierced with pins. That is the folkloric voodoo that we have been taught in the movies.

The word Voodoo in the Dahomey Fon language means "the mystical." It is a way of understanding the world and life, a connection between the ancestors and their vigilance over the living. Its epicentre is preserved in Benin, and from there expanded to Brazil, Haiti or Cuba, attached to the shackles of slaves.

The voodoo universe is full of magical materials, talismans, fetishes soaked in chicken or goat blood, snake worshipers, enchanted trees, bewitches, healers, exorcisms, superstitions and fears. It doesn't matter if you are a Christian or a Muslim; life in this part of the world is impregnated with Voodoo.